Why JB Journeys?


We are passionate travelers ourselves, with decades of traveling and work in the industry. With our worldwide contacts, we can customize an adventure that you will remember long after you return.
Plus, we are dedicated to the basic concepts of eco-tourism, making certain that your vacation has a positive social and environmental impact on the places you visit.
Jean & Barbara

Shout Outs

Sailing San Blas-as relaxed as I've ever been

Sailing the beautiful waters surrounding the San Blas Islands was about as relaxed as I’ve ever been.  Add the mysteriousness of a French-Algerian captain by the name of “Gilbert” (that’s pronounced “jhill-ber”) and the great cooking of his lady friend, and we had all the ingredients for a...

Barbara at Giraffe Manor, Kenya
Jean & Parachico Dancers from Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico
Maya Chorti, Copan Hondduras
Jean at Macaw Mountain, Copan, Honduras
Chocolate Making in Antigua, Guatemala
Barbara hiking in Pico Bonito, Honduras
Jean & Barbara in Casco Viejo, with presidential candidate Juan Carlos Navarro
Jean on Taboga Island, Panama
Basket weaving with Embara Puru
Jean hiking Camino Real, Panama
Barbara hiking the Camino Real, Panama
Ices in Casco Viejo, Panama
Jean zipping el El Valle, Panama
Barbara on the Masai Mara
Jean @ Volcanos National Park, El Salvador
Hiking Across the Isthmus of Panama
Jean hiking Los Quetzales Trail in Panama
Barbara making tamales at Hacienda San Lucas
Guna Woman and Jean
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