We Found Africa to be wonderful

... we found Africa to be wonderful. You did an excellent job putting the trip together and it exceeded our every expectation. The land was beautiful, the people kind and gracious, and the wildlife abundant. As our guide Ezekiel said - “Africa, land of abundance!”
.....I can’t describe how perfect the camping safari was - I loved it and Dana was just as thrilled. It’s hard to describe how much wildlife we saw, and how good the staff was. There was game everywhere...
I appreciate the kind of trips you put together for us, they have all been just right .. They  (people in Zimbabwe) were very glad we came and I feel we ‘connected’ with those people in a way that was unique.
~ Mark
...Even on the busiest day of travel, it was interesting to see the country and talk to the people. As Mark said, I appreciated that we weren’t in too much of a tourist bubble and we got to talk to people about their very interesting lives. In return, they seem genuinely interested in hearing about our experiences and impressions of Africa. We were thanked almost everywhere we went for visiting their country. ...
Thanks so much for your help and expertise in making this such an unforgettable trip,

South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe (2016)

3 Time Repeat Traveler (Panama, Ecuador)