Spectacular Time in Spain

Hi Barbara and Jean,

We had a spectacular time! The cooking class, the horse show, the Flamenco show, the tasting – all were excellent suggestions! (In fact, I felt like we ate our way through Spain …) Although it was hot, we finally learned why people take a siesta in the afternoon, and quickly changed to the Spanish way!

I guess my favorite town was Seville , followed by Gaudi in Barcelona , then the Alhambra . Amazing architecture! Of course everyone loved Torremolinos, and it was a great way to end our trip.

All of the hotels were wonderful. The hotel in Seville was a palace! And the guesthouse we stayed at in Grenada gave us such a wonderful taste of the “real” Spain ; the proprietor there was truly gracious, and we really enjoyed being there. (Plus we were right next to the Alhambra , and an incredible view at night!)

The hotel at Torremolinos was okay – not as good as the others, but really close to the beach, and that was great.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and we have ya’ll to thank for it! Muchas gracias!

Sandi and the rest of the Ross’, Spain, 2012
4 Time Repeat Travelers (Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, Spain)