Second Great Panama Trip

Thanks, Jean and Barbara. You did such a lovely job of setting up travel arrangements, tours, and accommodations! Gamboa Rain Forest Resort is so pretty and the resident Agoutis, Capabaras, and beautiful birds make it more interesting. Our tour of Gatun Lake was really nice, made better by the guide we had and the unexpected company. Carlos, from Ancon Expeditions brought a family of five who had just moved from Texas to Panama and had  booked the tour the night before. We had lots of fun watching them feeding the Geoffrey’s Tamarins and marveling at the scenery. Our time at the Embera’ village was wonderful as well. The people are so happy and their crafts so beautiful! This time we had an unusual lunch. Usually they give us fried fish and fried plantains with fruit for dessert. This time they had lightly smoked fish and then fried them. I have never had it that way – so moist and tasty. Hearing their history and traditions is always a treat. Of course, the Whales work very hard to entertain! I loved the American Trade Hotel in Casco Viejo. It looked as if it came from the pages of a 1920’s  magazine; looking like one expects old Panama to look. But, the modern amenities are tops. Their food is excellent as well. Great views, and wonderful service. Looking forward to booking with you again, soon.

Bob and Mary Ellen,  Panama 2015

2 Time Repeat Traveler (Panama X 2)