Recommending Tucano Rio Negro Amazon Cruise with Enthusiasm!

"The trip on the Rio Negro over last Christmas was very satisfactory, indeed. The boat, the Tucano, was comfortable; food very good, guides were excellent. Having only ten cabins meant that the group on board was small enough so that we got to know and to enjoy everyone--quite diverse geographically and otherwise: a family from South Africa, couple from N. California, a well=-traveled librarian from Montana and her active 87 year old mother (!), a teacher from Seattle with her daughter, a teacher at the Am. School in Sao Paulo, etc.  he sight-seeing was well planned and various--early morning canoeing for birds, walks in the jungle, visits to a couple of villages, two night junkets, etc.   We were blessed with good weather, and 'though the air conditioned cabins were nice at night, the days were quite tolerable--needed a jacket on those early morning trips; and although we came prepared for insects, we had no trouble and only rarely used the deet!  Transfers were handled as scheduled and the Hotel Tropical was an elegant resort.   I am sure my daughter Joan would join me in recommending the trip with enthusiasm."

Amazon Cruise: Tucano Riverboat Adventure, Becker Family, 2009
4 Time Repeat Travelers (Costa Rica x 2, Brazil, Galapagos)