Uacari Floating Lodge

Concept:  Uacari Floating Lodge is located in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. It is recognized by UNESCO as part of the Natural Heritage of Humanity, and it is also the first sustainable development protected area created in Brazil.
     The Lodge is rustic and comfortable and located in an exceptional area in the Amazon.  From here you can observe abundant wildlife and interact with local communities and researchers that work in the Reserve.

Location:  Uacari Lodge is in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve in Medium Solimões region. It's about 60 km far from Tefé town (about an hour and twenty minutes by boat), the departure place to go to the Lodge. Tefé town is located about 520 km far from Manaus city (about an hour by plane), Amazon state capital. Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is a state-protected area with an extension of 1.124.000 ha, located between Solimões, Japurá and Auti-Paraná rivers. It is the biggest protected flooded forest in the world. Only 4% of Brazilian Amazon consists of freshwater swamp forest and Mamirauá Reserve plays an important role to protect this ecosystem.  The area has a very low incidence of malaria.

Accommodations:  Uacari Lodge floats peacefully. It consists of 5 bungalows with two rooms and two bathrooms in each bungalow. Each room has a porch with a view of the river and the forest. In total, there are 10 rooms with the capacity of 20 guests. The Lodge has a central floating area with a small deck, a natural swimming pool, a kitchen, a restaurant, a bar, a video room and a library.

Dining: Uacari Lodge's menu matches Brazilian and regional food. There is seasonal fresh fruit, beiju, homemade bread, juice, coffee and milk.
The typical Brazilian rice and beans are delicious as well as the salad and one or two vegeterian dish for lunch and dinner. In Amazonian cuisine it's impossible to be missing any type of fish as well as a chicken dish. After the meals, it's good to taste a delicious dessert, made with typical Amazon fruit.

Activities:  The lodge offers a series of excursions, including canoe trips through river channels, and hiking in the rainforest. During their stay, guests will see the forest, and an abundance of birds, monkeys, black caiman and other wildlife. The lodge has a system of eleven forest trails, each an average of 3 km (1.85 mi) in length. All were developed in strategic areas and are used by researchers in their studies of the ecosystem. Visitors go into the forest in small groups of up to six people and, during the flood season (May to July), glide through the trails in small paddle canoes. During the rest of the year, trails can be walked.

Pricing: Three, four, and seven night packages are offered

Sustainability: Uacari Lodge is a Community-Based Tourism model. Its management is shared with surrounding communities and Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute. The income generated is spent on the enterprise maintenance and on social benefits for local communities.  They collect rainwater, use solar heating for the water and ights, and have a sewage filtration system. Local foods are featured in the restaurant.