Napo Wildlife Center


Best Luxury Eco-hotel in Amazonian Ecuador

The Napo Wildlife Center, NWC Amazon Lodge, is the greatest and ultimate alternative luxury eco-hotel in Amazonian Ecuador. This ecotourism project includes the conservation of approximately over 82 square miles (53,500 acres - over 21,400 hectares ) of the most pristine Amazon Rain Forest within the Yasunì National Park, an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.​  

     In the early 90’ the community envisioned building their own lodge to provide themselves jobs and protecting their land. In 2,000, the project was completed and the dream came alive. The community, entitled by its constitutional rights over their land, approached Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment which through its National Park service declared them honorary park rangers and approved the project signing a renewable management agreement of this territory part as well of the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve.


The lodge complex is located by the Anangucocha lake, within the unique ancestral territory of the Anangu Quichua Community, part of the Yasuni National Park. In the early 90’ the community envisioned building their own lodge to provide themselves jobs and protecting their land. ​Napo Wildlife Center is located in the Parish Alejandro Labaka, Orellana city, Orellana Province. Located on the shore of the Napo River, specifically in the Yasuni National Park. The means of transport to get to their facilities are from Coca city then go down the Napo River and reach the entrance of the reserve of the Kichwa Anangu Community.  

The lodge has 16 cabañas,a large dining hall, a library, and a well-stocked bar. Attached to the bar is a 50-foot viewing tower- you can see the Andes on a clear day!  The rooms are spacious (over 450 sq. ft.) and offer 1 king bed & 1 twin bed (up to 3 people), safe box, private bathrooms with on-demand hot water, several 120v outlets, ceiling fans, and screened windows. The private porches offer lake views. Electricity is available 24-hour.

Delicious meals, with a focus on local ingredients, are served in the dining hall. 


  • Birding: access to over 550 bird species
  • Salt Licks: These are true nature spectacles. One located along the Napo River and a second one inside forest, at the saladeros several amazon, parrot, parakeet and parrotlet species come in numbers to ‘detox’, with an occasional macaw or two. There have been wonderful sightings of tapirs, ocelots, owls and other forest denizens center stage, as you quietly watch from behind a manmade blind, comfortably enjoying the activity.
  • Canopy Tower:  can climb the 130-foot high stairs to the canopy tower for fabulous views over the canopy. A very special vantage point indeed that gets you up where many birds, reptiles, insects and mammals that are difficult or impossible to see from the ground can be readily observed and sometimes come close to meet you in the same tree. Bring your binoculars, camera and telephoto lenses, set up a telescope: this is a spectacular scenic opportunity. Not to be missed.
  • Tiputini Trail: the wildest of several trails. You will see the most variety in terms of habitats, with seemingly limitless terra firme and swampy.
  • River Islands: A phenomenon of fast-flowing rivers, unique to the Amazon, Napo River Islands are created by silt and fallen trees washed downstream during rainstorms in the Andes. If enough material builds up, an island is formed (sometime even over night). Depending on the age of a given island, different colonizing plant species dominate, from grasses and shrubs to the point where the islands can support a forest. These islands support some animal species that can be found nowhere else. 

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  • Included:  All meals, river transportation, excursions including Añangu Kichwa Community and the Parrot & Macaw clay licks, services of naturlaist bi-lingual guides and native guides, entry fee to Yasuni Park, use of rain ponchos and rubber boots 
  • Not Included: ​Air tickets Quito-Coca roundtrip, drinks, grautites. 


  • Owned 100% by Añangu Kichwa community working for the protection of this area.
  • Protects Añangu community ancestral land, 82 sq miles (55,000 acres = 22,000 hectares), all within the Yasuni National Park.
  • Highly experienced, certified and specialized Ecuadorian bilingual Naturalist Guides who co-lead groups along with Añangu native guides during all excursions.