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De la Gente, the coffee coop outside Antigua, Guatemala, has installed solar panels on the roof of its dry mill in San Miguel Escobar. This is a match made in heaven. During coffee processing season there is always an abundant supply of sunshine, so they are putting it to use. Clean and green energy. 

Inn Victoria in Chester is a gem. Talk about feeling at home. We met the innkeepers Larry and Rose and later the owners Dan and Penny. Such sweethearts. The offer high tea on occasion, and you can see they are prepared. 

There was an overnight frost and the lawn was glistening in the sunshine. Great day for a walk. We went downstairs at the Old Colonial House Inn in Weston and joined other walkers for coffee in the living room. It’s a very cozy space, with overstuffed furniture draped with the owner’s quilts, a gas fireplace, cats and a dog.  Pretty charming.

See my guest blog on Nature Travel Network about traveling to Cuba. 



JB Journeys in the business of selling travel experiences to some familiar places and some off the beaten path. We get this question all the time. Is it safe?  The question covers lots of ground. Currently it's Zika. Previously it was ebola. The Paris attacks.

Obviously, we can't guarantee your safety, but we will give you as much information as exists, and let you make a decision with which you are comfortable.

  1. The sloth is the world's slowest mammal.
  2. Sloths sleep up to 20 hours per day, and are so sedentary that green algae grows on their fur. The presence of algae helps sloths camouflage themselves in trees.
  3. Most common in Central America are two-toed (Choloepus hoffmanni) and three-toed (Bradypus variegatus). You tell them apart by counting toes on their front feet. Three-toed sloth are usually cuter, with what appears an ever present smile!
  4. Sloths are incredible swimmers, using a doggie-paddle move.

In my continued interest in Cuba, I picked up The Godfather I & II, as I knew Cuba would be represented. These films were shot over 40 years ago. All the leads are famous names and got their big breaks in the Godfather series. Al Pacino is just a kid in G1 and does a great job, really growing and changing as events thrust him into leading the family. James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Robert DeNiro are all fabulous, and of these three, only Duvall seemed to break out of gangster type-casting.

Finding a starting place to talk about Cuba is difficult. I'll start with the sounds of the morning on the streets of Havana, Trinidad and Playa Girón; the cities we visited. Quiet broken by raucous rooster crowing, the squeaking of bicycle tires from pedi cabs , murmurs of Buenas from people walking to work and the street cleaners and the clip clop of horses pulling wagons. Later, the cars begin, and people talking en mass. School children dressed in the uniforms of their grade walk by.

Tonight we went to hear music at a very cool venue, Rosalia de Castro. Located inside a building you would avoid in daylight, we walked into a large entry in an old, once-beautiful building on Egido Street, just on the edge of Old Havana. We climbed two wide flights of marble stairs to the showroom, an open air gallery built around a courtyard. 

Habana will never be like this again.  There is change in the air and nothing can stop it. Some restrictions have been lifted, and although there are still hoops to jump through, it's easier to travel to Cuba now.

However, traveling in Cuba is a challenge and at times a frustration, but it is never a disappointment. To be able to experience the warmth, friendliness, and curiosity of the Cuban people now, in this time of great expectation, is a privilege.

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