Pearl Islands Panama
Humpback whale Panama

Whale Watch Panama 1 day+


  • Easy pace, a lot of time in boats, some walking    
  • 1 day trip     multi day trip
  • Start any day!   (July - October) 
    On Saturdays and Sundays, July 1- Sept. 30, the day tours from Panama city to the Pearl Islands are guaranteed $200.00/adult and $100.00 children 5-12.
  • $175 and up

Humpback whales come to Panama to breed and give birth.

Each year from July-October,  Panama's waters serve as the migration path of the Humpback whale.   We have a high chance of spending time with the whales, during this time of year.  (99% chance of seeing whales on the Pearl Islands tour)  Of course, with any natural wildlife observation there is no guarantee, however, we do guarantee we will do our best to find the whales and dolphins for you.  We work with the original whale watching company in the country, dedicated to providing responsible, respectful, educational and sustainable whale and dolphin watching tours that have minimum impact on the animals and the environment.   They are proud members of the World Cetacean Alliance and Whale Watch International.
     Panama waters are home to over 30 species of cetaceans (dolphins and whales).  In the Pearl Islands, where two seasons of the Survivor TV series were filmed,  there are crystal clear turquoise waters and many islands, some deserted, where you can swim, beach comb, snorkel as well as swim or observe, from a glass bottom boat, the whales and dolphins as well as manta rays, sea turtles and even whale sharks that frequent these waters. In addition to all the colorful tropical reef fish found here.
     1 Day Trip from Panama City to the Pearl Islands or  Isla Taboga and from Isla Contadora  - begin around 7:30 or 8:00 am, and travel by speed boat to the islands, spending several hours roaming around whale watching. 1 day tours are available any day of the week.
Lunch at a local restaurant (on your own).  We'll have time for swimming as well.  Click for prices for 1 Day Trips. 
Multi-day Trip to Isla Contadora - spend 2-4 days out in the Pearl Islands, Panama observing and swimming with the whales and dolphins.  A perfect addition to your Panama trip.  
We have several options for the custom Pearl island trips. You can fly out (20 minutes) to Contadora Island or take the ferry ( 1.5 hours). You can sleep on board a 44' catamaran sailboat or stay at The Point hotel, or at a luxury beach front home on Contadora. Children are welcome on all tours.  Please contact us for a quote.
Bring:  Binoculars, towel, sunscreen and hat.   


Panama City to Isla Taboga - 1 Day     (We try to combine groups together for the lowest price for all.)

  • 1 adult              $700
  • 2 adults            $350/adult
  • 3 adults            $300/adult
  • 4 adults            $225/adult
  • 5 adults            $200/adult
  • 6+ adults          $175/adult
  • Children 5-12     half price  
  • Children under 5     free
  • (lunch is not included in the price)

Panama City to Contadora - 1 Day       (We try to combine groups together for the lowest price for all.)                              top

  • 1 adult              $900                              
  • 2 adults            $500/adult
  • 3 adults            $325/adult
  • 4 adults            $250/adult
  • 5 adults            $225/adult
  • 6+ adults          $200/adult
  • Children 5-12     half price
  • Children under 5     free
  • (lunch is not included in the price)