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Havana will never be like this again-travel now

Habana will never be like this again.  There is change in the air and nothing can stop it. Some restrictions have been lifted, and although there are still hoops to jump through, it's easier to travel to Cuba now.

However, traveling in Cuba is a challenge and at times a frustration, but it is never a disappointment. To be able to experience the warmth, friendliness, and curiosity of the Cuban people now, in this time of great expectation, is a privilege.

When you land and see a classic car, like the first family car you can remember, you can't help but pull out the camera and snap pictures from the front, the back, the side, and you with the driver showing the engine. One traveler compared it to seeing your first giraffe in Africa. Another the gasp of a first kiss. For me it reminded me just why I travel. Thank goodness, there are still places that take my breath away. Havana and all of Cuba does this in spades.

I doubt we'll see Starbucks on Plaza Vieja or McDonalds next to the Nacional Hotel. The Cuban people are too proud to sell out completely. But changes are coming. It will never be the way it was today.

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